Virtual Office

A virtual office provides address services for a fee, without providing dedicated office space. It differs from “office business centers” or “executive suites”, which do provide physical office space and/or meeting rooms.


  1. We will receive your messages and registered mail / courier up to 50 grams weight, up to 100 numbers in a month and if more than 50 grams up to 50 in a month. Additional numbers shall be charged extra.
  2. We will inform you if and when we receive your any mail by email registered with us and also on what-up of the phone registered with us.
  3. If you wish to re-direct any of the packet, you need to keep a deposit with us and we can re-send the particular mail by speed post or courier at actual rate of speed post / courier plus Rs.200/- our handling charges. 
  4.  There is no expense of paying monthly rent or salary to receptionist or peon and maintenance your office. You can concentrate on your business without worrying about your office activities.
  5. Virtual Office can be your registered office, corporate office, head office, branch office etc. and you can change it in the records of Registrar of Companies, LLP authorities or Registrar of firms, you can also register with GST, Sales Tax, Income Tax and open Current Account in any Bank.
  6. Rent Agreement is for Virtual Office on simple paper duly stamped by the owner of the premises. However, if your requirement is to take on stamp paper, then you need to purchase the stamp paper yourself and we will sign that stamp paper in addition.
  7. You shall be provided free legal advise for your personal and business matters.


(A) You are yourself responsible for all dealings with your clients, procurement of licenses for your business, registration of your office with any Govt. department and also the legal compliance of your business.

(B) You will not be allowed to transact any business from VIRTUAL OFFICE premises.

(C) The arrangements shall be terminated immediately, without any notice, in case you are found doing any illegal business or not collecting your mails from Virtual Office or have not paid renewal fee on due date.