Virtual Office Rs.500/m onward, GST/Co. Registration & Filing Returns Online

We provide “Virtual Office” for Business Registration, Company Registration, GST Registration, Mail handling, Opening Current Account, Suite Number & Signage. We provide you Registered Office services without sitting space. This system is cheaper than spending on rent, office maintenance and staff salaries every month.

Our “Virtual Office” is located at “308 Aggarwal Tower, Plot No.2, Sector-5, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075″. Open 11am to 5pm, Saturdays, Sunday & Holidays-Closed. Contact Mr. Jatin Pandey 9711754765. You may visit the Virtual Office personally or believe on web site. Following are the steps to take a Virtual Office.

First Step

 Choose budget you may pay at-once from below chart period & cost p.m. No GST. No hidden expenses.

FIVE YEARS RS.500/- 30,000
FOUR YEARS RS.600/- 28,800
THREE YEARS RS.700/- 25,200
TWO YEARS RS.800/- 19,200

Second Step

is to pay budget in (i) Cash (ii) Paytm 9810065447 (iii) In Bank A/C No. 025001009601 of RS SAHOTA HUF, IFSC Code: ICIC0000250 in ICICI Bank, Dwarka Sector-5, New Delhi-110075 and send its proof to Mobile: 9810065447, 9710065447.

Third Step

 Send legible & readable [scanned in .pdf format] copy of 

  1. PAN and Certificate of Incorporation or Registration along with Memorandum & Articles of Association. If not yet registered, send name availability/name of the Company.
  2. PAN, Aadhaar card (both sides) and Photo of all the Directors/Partners.

Fourth Step

 Mr. Raminder Singh Sahota, Flat No.B-404 Lovely Home CGHS Ltd, Plot No.5, Sector-5, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075 (working all days – on appointment basis), photograph below, will give you 

  1. Rent Agreement on a stamp paper
  2. NOC from legal owner of premises
  3. Electricity Bill of the premises

Last Step

You will give 1 round rubber stamp of the company to receive your mail.

After expiry of present agreement

30 days before the expiry of your agreement, kindly do the second step and we will confirm by email.

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Q-1: In case of any doubt, who will reply me and carry out any work on my behalf.

Ans-1: Mr. Raminder Singh Sahota, owner 9810065447

Q-2: We will take Virtual Office and GST, Return filing and also Audit. What rebate you will give ?

Ans-2: We do not give any rebate. All charges are fixed and payable in advance.

Q-3: Can I sit inside the Virtual Office to do my work after taking Virtual Office ?

Ans-3: No. You have to pay for Desk space on hourly (Rs.100/-) or monthly (Rs.2,000/-) for such need.

Q-4: I am having Table Space in your Virtual Office, how many times or hours I can sit in the office ?

Ans-4: You can sit during all working hours. Beyond working hours, charges are double.

Q-5:  Can I legally use Virtual Office as my Registered Office of private limited Co ?

Ans-5: Yes. We give NOC to make it Registered Office of your company.

Q-6: Can so many companies be registered or operate from one Virtual Office ?

Ans-6: Yes. When many persons having different Identity Proof and PAN can reside in one flat, many companies having different Identity Proof and PAN can reside in one office, also.

Q-7: Is there any difference in persons living in one flat and companies operating from one office?

Ans-7: There is no difference because the Company is legally an artificial juridical person.

Q-8: Who shall be held responsible for any legal compliance of my company?

Ans-8:  Only the Company and its Directors. Contact us if any problem.

Q-9: What shall be the responsibilities of the Virtual Office?

Ans-9: The Virtual Office shall give and confirm genuineness of Rent Agreement, NOC & Electricity Bill in addition the Virtual Office shall receive your company’s mail and place your company name, email address, name of signatory director and telephone number at the door of the entrance to Virtual Office as Signage.