Cheapest and best Virtual Office

Cheapest and best Virtual Office is part of the flexible work space industry that provides businesses with any combination of services, space and/or technology, without those businesses bearing the capital expenses of owning or leasing a traditional office.  The concept is popular with companies of all sizes, including self-employed entrepreneurs. One of the primary allures of the virtual office is the flexibility it offers for employees and freelancers to work from a satellite office, home office, remote location or even on-the-go via a mobile device. You may know more on our frequently asked question page and if you have any doubt, you may ask us any question on that page.

Cheapest and best Virtual Office

We provide Cheapest and best Virtual Office onward for company registration, GST registration, mail receiving & forwarding, opening current account, giving separate identity of suite number & signage. In fact, you will be able to maintain your Registered Office within our virtual office in Delhi, without much expenditure on monthly rent, office maintenance and staff salaries. You can know complete law on maintenance of registered office by a click here.

Virtual Office address

Virtual Office in Delhi is located at “Shop at 308 Aggarwal Tower, Plot No.2, Sector-5 MLU Plaza, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075″. Open 11 am to 5 pm, Saturdays, Sunday & Holidays-Closed. Contact Mr. Jatin Pandey 9711754765. The Virtual Office is located in below mentioned building.

Virtual Office in Delhi, Virtual Office Rs.500 onward
Virtual Office in Delhi, Virtual Office Rs.500 onward

Shop at 308 Aggarwal Tower, Plot No.2, Sector-5 MLU Plaza, Dwaka, New Delhi-110075

First Step

You need to choose period, cost per month and the budget in front of it from the following chart.

RS.500/- 30,000 FIVE YEARS
RS.600/- 28,800 FOUR YEARS
RS.700/- 25,200 THREE YEARS
RS.800/- 19,200 TWO YEARS

Second Step

Please pay the budget amount in our Saving Bank A/C No. 025001009601 of RS SAHOTA HUF, IFSC Code: ICIC0000250 in ICICI Bank, Dwarka Sector-5, New Delhi-110075 or Paytm 9810065447. You may inform us the same at our email

Third Step

Please send scanned .pdf copies of following documents on our email.

  1. Registration Certificate of your firm or name availability certificate from MCA or Certificate of Incorporation along with PAN, MOA & AOA of your Company.
  2. PAN, Aadhaar Card (both sides) and Photo of all the Directors/Partners.
  3. One (1) round rubber stamp of your firm or company, to enable us receive your mail.

Fourth Step

(a) Issue of documents

The CEO of the Virtual Office in Delhi is resident of Flat No. B-404 Lovely Home CGHS Ltd, Plot No.5, Sector-5, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075, Mobile: 9810065447 will send following documents to you by email.

  1. Rent Agreement on a stamp paper
  2. NOC from legal owner of premises
  3. Electricity Bill of the premises

(b) Signage of your Registered Office

The “Cheapest and best Virtual Office” will place your company signage by including your company particulars in the list of all the Registered Offices placed on the entrance door of the Virtual Office premises. The signage includes  suite number, the name of the company, the email address, the name of Signatory with mobile number, the date of start of the rent agreement and date on which the agreements ends will also be mentioned in the signage.

(c) Mail receiving and forwarding

(i) The “Cheapest and best Virtual Office” will start receiving courier/speed post and notices on behalf of your Company by affixing your stamp and signature of our official as your “Authorized Representative”.  We will mark your Suite No. and date of receipt on it and send its image on your official email to enable you collect your mail from Virtual Office during office hours. (ii) The Virtual Office will re-posted your mail to your address if you pay the service charges. (iii) The Virtual Office will open your mail and send the image or scanned copy to you on payment of service charges. The service charges are Rs.200/- per letter.

(d) Give monthly or hourly sitting space

The “Cheapest and best Virtual Office” will also start giving you desk space as per your requirement. The standard rate is Rs.100/- per hour or Rs.2,000/- per month. We will provide you one Desk, one chair, broad band internet connection, 2 charging points for your laptop & mobile. You will be able to comfortably work on your files or on your laptop. No other charges are levied.

(e) Registration with Govt authorities

The “Cheapest and best Virtual Office” will help you in getting your company registration with “registrar of companies”  in addition to various authorities like obtaining PAN, TAN number, GST registration and filing of GST monthly or quarterly returns, FSSAI, Import-Export code, Import-Export associations, banks, income tax authorities, maintenance of financial accounts, reconciliation of accounts, maintenance of accounts and audit of accounts, certification of accounts by CA, trade mark registration, filing of TDS return, filing of income tax returns, change of name of company, filing of returns with Registrar of Companies, registration of charitable trust and getting registration with shops & commercial establishment Act. etc.

(f) Help in Stationery for you

The “Cheapest and best Virtual Office” will also help you to procure “round rubber stamp” of your company name. We will also help you in printing your visiting cards, letter heads and pamphlets etc. of your company.

(g) Help in getting web-site and digital marketing [SEO] for you.

The “Cheapest and best Virtual Office” will arrange or make a suitable web-site for your company and products from the GST Suvidha Kendra, Dwarka. The cost of 5 pages web site is just Rs.5,000/- and of 10-15 pages web site is approx Rs.10,000/-. In addition we can also arrange Digital marketing of your products or services at very reasonable rates. You may just compare it with the market and avail the services if it appeals to you.

Advantages of Cheapest and best Virtual Office

In this concept the provider gives you authority to use the address of his physical commercial premises on rental basis. It is for the best use of start-ups who do not afford to spend much money or want to try their luck in business. It gives an opportunity to  small businesses and entrepreneurs to have access to the advantages of an established office space. These can include a prestigious office address in your own city along with administrative support to manage the registered office at dedicated suite of his office space.

The primary and most obvious benefit of a virtual office space is that it helps your business to appear larger and more established, as well as give you access to the amenities of a dedicated office space. This makes it easier for you to create a favorable impression on your clients, both current and prospective, while you and your team can work from home or another office space that’s more convenient to you.

You will be able to save monthly expenditure you could have other wise made on lease rent, security deposit, salary to receptionist, peon and computer operator. At the same time, you have the choice of spending your money at your own option at all times to come.

Extension or renewal for next period

Cheapest and best Virtual Office will send you a reminder and Invoice to extend or renew your agreement. You may choose the period and budget from First Step at your own option. The payment may be made as indicated in the Second Step. You are also required to send copies of any other registration made with any department of Govt. as a Third Step. On receipt of payment and information, we shall send you scanned copy of all the documents by email. We shall continue performing the Fourth Step incessantly.

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